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North Punnayoor,Pookodu Panchayaths
South Orumanayoor,Kadapuram Panchayaths
East Guruvayoor Municipality,ThykadPanchayath
West Arabian Sea


Section 1981 1991 Growth %
Female 18147 20031 1884 10.38
Male 16197 17770 1573 9.73
Total 34344 37801 3457 10.065
Density 2767 3046 279 10.08
Sex ratio – 1127:1000


Seafood and Beedi Industries are notable in the fields of industry in this area. The western border of this Municipality is Arabian Sea. Fishermen engaged in fishing and marketing form and integral part of Chavakkad. During British rule there was a factory here for extracting oil from fish. This is an apt place for industries related to fishing and fish marketing. There are many families here who survive on Beedi Industry as well.

Though the chief crop in this area is coconut, no industry related to it has got rooted yet. Once Coir industry flourished here, and there was even a Coir Society in Palayur. But now, it is quite inactive. Toddy tapping was one of the occupations here. They even had a Society, which is inactive now. But copra processing and oil industry still prevail here. Numerous Industries related to coconut cultivation like coir industry, oil manufacturing, Furniture making, Handi-crafts, cattle feed, cool drinks made from coconut water and the like have immense scope here. Chavakkad was famous for its firework industry

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